Ringing The Changes – Gorgeous Handmade Beaded Rings


My blog this week is all about gorgeous handmade rings and I have a lovely selection of them in my shop juliedeeleyjewellery.com. I personally love anything sparkly, love heart shaped items and have a real passion for crystal and glass, especially if it is coated with aurora borealis for extra sparkle.  I have a selection of rings which I have created in beautiful rocaille glass sead beads but then I have added various different beads on them to make them more of a statement ring, often the beads are in contrasting or complementary colours.

The rings shown above is an Expandable Memory Wire ring with beautiful Lime Green seed beads and 2 gorgeous red faceted crystal beads, approx Size Q. The body of this handmade ring is made up of glass rocaille seed beads and it expands to fit. Width approx 2.5cm or 1 inch. Similar items in other colours are available in my shop.


This is a Crystal and Teal Rocaille Memory Wire Ring which expands. The ring is approximately 1 inch 2.5 cm wide. It is made of Teal or Sea Green glass rocailles beads. It features 2 gorgeous Teal faceted crystal beads as a centrepiece. It can be viewed by clicking this link :


I also have a Memory Wire cuff to match. To view please click the link below

I have a real passion for teal coloured items and am often spotted wearing teal clothes, jewellery and make up, I love it and so I have created many gorgeous pieces of jewellery in teal. Some of it is dark teal and some is in light teal such as the ring below, which can be purchased by clicking the link below http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/157324294/ring-crystal-and-light-teal-sea-green


Another one of my favourite rings is this beautiful statement cocktail ring :


This is a gorgeous glamorous Ice Blue and White Pearl and Aurora Borealis Crystal Cocktail ring Size O. This handmade ring features 8 round pearl beads size approx 10mm in white and ice blue, and blue glass rocailles with aurora borealis coating and also a gorgeous diamante crystal bead with aurora borealis coating to catch the light. It is on silver toned metal.

Here is the cocktail ring link :


I also love flowers and here are a few of my latest ring designs featuring flowers :


All of the designs featured in the blog can be purchased at juliedeeleyjewellery.com


I’ve also decided to sign off my blog post with flowers as they are often my creative inspiration so here are the real thing as a sign off.