Beautiful Teal Jewellery

Today my post is all about gorgeous teal jewellery. I absolutely love teal it is one of my favourite colours and I love to combine it with lighter teal or various other colours in my jewellery. It reminds me of holidays as it reminds me of the colour of the sea whenever I see it. Many of the items I have made also feature gorgeous glass which remind me of sea glass pebbles. They are really beautiful and really reflect the sunshine on sunny days.


I love this design as it is very contemporary and unusual, this is a Spiral Twist and Sea Green Glass Pebble Necklace by It features 7 sea green glass pebbles, 6 silver coloured spiral twists and sea green or teal coloured glass seed beads or rocailles. It is approx 16 inches in length. It is a beautiful contemporary elegant and modern design in a popular teal colour which is very in vogue at the moment. I also have earrings to match for pierced ears to match in my shop


These are Spiral Twist and Sea Green Glass Pebble Earrings by JulieDeeleyJewellery on Etsy for pierced ears and they are approx 3 inches in length. The earring wires are in shepherds hook style.These handmade dangle dropper earrings feature a gorgeous sea green colour glass pebble on each one and match the necklace in my shop

.DSC01608This is a Teal Glass Heart Bead and Pebble Kilt Pin Brooch by JulieDeeleyJewellery on Etsy. It features 3 teal or sea green glass hearts which are softly striped and also features 3 beautiful glass teal coloured pebbles and 2 silver coloured drop beads and all are interspersed with peppermint green or teal glass rocaille beads (seed beads). The width of the kilt pin is 1.5 inches and it is silver coloured.

Sea Green Pebble Turquoise & Dark Blue Crystal Glass Bracelet (2)

This is a Bracelet comprising of Sea Green or teal coloured glass pebbles and faceted Turquoise and Dark Blue Crystals by JulieDeeleyJewellery on Etsy. This hand made bracelet is approximately
7 inches long and the body is also interspersed with sea green glass seed beads
or glass rocailles. It is finished with a silver coloured bolt ring and tag. Very on trend and popular colour and unusual and contemporary design.

I have also combined teal with lilac and purple crystal to make this beautiful necklace

DSC01813This is a Teal/Lilac/Amethyst Purple Crystal Glass Necklace approx 16 inches by JulieDeeleyJewellery on Etsy. This handmade necklace comprises in the main of 8mm Teal and Lilaccrystal faceted glass beads and 6mm Amethyst purple ones. The body of the necklace also consists of small 4mm lilac crystal faceted glass beads and is interspersed with gorgeous glass rocailles to match.

I also have other teal jewellery available in store.



You can view more of my teal jewellery here on my Pinterest Board

Hope you all have a great week and I will leave you with some beautiful flower blossom.



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